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Rough Patch ~ Twisted Fate is about success and failure, dreams and disappointments, triumph and tragedy  and ultimately, about the love of the heart of a woman for her children and the stolen identity of a young man who discovers what he truly values as he rebuilds his life. It's a page turner just as much as Ton'e Brown's Shared Gratitude inspirational stories - however, what kept me glued to the pages was her masterful depiction of emotional turmoil. " 

The title is capturing and the story was full of surprises. Fraud and stealing someone's identity is a tough one to recover from and Ton'e covered that very well. I mean she gave it such detail right down to the money, credit cards and jail time. I loved how she projected the redeeming of Dell's life and gave him power and strength through his circumstances. I appreciate the heart of  his friends showing how men can support one another without issues when they work together. 

She took on the life of an abused woman (Gerri) who fights to give stability to her children and a young girl (Frances) who takes on more than she bargain for after an unexpected encounter with a murderer.  This was a true page turner and an eye opener. What I love most is how Ton'e made sure that the reader developed a strong connection with each character that you wanted to love the one you identified with and hate the stand out villain.

  • Title: Rough Patch ~ Twisted Fate
  • Classification: Adult Fiction
  • Genre: Inspirational Realistic Fiction
  • Hardcover: 588 pages
  • Publisher: Hayden Publishing 
  • ISBN-10: 1467999822 
  • ISBN-13: 978-1467999823
  • Author's Website: Ton'e Brown

I found some sections of the book to be hardcore to the point of true reality at different aspects of the people encountered, some relevant but some not so relevant--the connection of these stories gave an intense cry or an elaborate laugh. With that being said, it was a good break to the intensity of the story.

I truly loved the book. I got a little view into the life of the main character's through the eyes of a young girl who search for validation of her existence through an unexpected encounter of a murderer, a child that takes on more than she bargain for, plus beat the odds against her as she triumphs to survive living on the streets and the vulnerability of an african american man who seriously takes on the fight to take back his life  after his career is threaten, he faces the down fall of his spiritual values thats not commonly talked about and he takes a stand on his faith values in relation to sex prior to marriage,  It was a unique view with a surprising twist.

Ton'e managed to catch the action, suspense, excitement, and emotion of the heart of the characters in her story as viewed by a teenage girl to adulthood and the view of a man that took the American Dream and succeeded but faced the challenge of his closest friend who stole his personal identity, broke him financially and through character defamation caused him the loss of his job. I felt like I was taking the journey experiencing every hardship and heartache a long with each character.

The challenges Dell went through and the horror he felt as he became homeless after earning success as an engineer and to see him loose everything was heartbreaking. The turmoil he felt when he figured out his best friend stole his identity. When he lost more than just his career--that day he lost the respect and the self love of who he was as a man. However, I love how you recovered him and Frances--how you connected their stories and all the relationship encounters along the way that helped them discover the value of life--the faith and belief that no matter what came against them it did not define them. You can see the blessing of God's love as the story progressed.

Okay, so I have to admit I may be a little partial to this book. I could associate with practically every spot this book took a person, and I got a little emotional about each characters journey as they discovered their path in life and how their faith built their character as individuals as I read them. I could practically see and feel the emotion as if I was experiencing it myself. It was difficult to take the defining characters like the parents, Jackie and Mike because of the lie they lived but I realize it was their reality and it was necessary to understand Frances journey.

Overall, I rated this book 5 out of 5 star scores.  I love how Ton'e move this fictional in a explorative  direction of the ugliness of fraud and how a stolen identity can completely change your life so drastically. I can identify with the trails of both characters journey, personal redemption and the forgiveness that will make this book a heart wrenching classic and a great movie for the dramatic watchers. I highly recommend this book, it's a must read!

If you want reality this is your book.

If you want reality to the truth no matter how it hurts this is your book.

If you want reality to the genuineness of a character that's not inhibited this is your book.

Bottom line, this is your book. 

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